I enjoy all things horror. I love horror movies. I love the bad ones, and I love the good ones even more (generally, that is). I love books and writing, all types of fiction, really. I do, however, tend to gravitate to books that have a darker bent to them.

But I don’t like to limit myself; you can expect me to talk about all sorts of films and books on here. You can expect me to cover video games as well (I enjoy those too!) and, in time, I might post creative fiction.

J is a generic name, and I like it for that. It’s not my real name, or close to it, for that matter. Anonymity is one of the things I enjoy most about the internet. Besides, I like to keep my personal and “public life” separate from each other whenever able. I quoted that term because I have very little of a public life to speak of. I don’t matter enough, and I don’t mind that.